Track Day Data Logger

What is it?
This small box (4”x4”x2”) is mounted on your bike or to your windshield much like a radar detector The data is stored on a compact flash card in the box and then transferred to a PC after each session. Analysis Software is used to analyze and display your performance. The TRACK DAY DATA LOGGER can be used anywhere, anytime, not just on track days.

What does it tell me?

How your vehicle responds to your inputs:

    • Lap times and Sector times
    • Speed and lean angle at every point on the track
    • Where you accelerate and decelerate, how hard and how much
    • How your bike pitches and leans as you accelerate, brake and turn
What can I do with this information?

View results in graphic form:
    • Watch your speeds change throughout the track
    • See where you accelerate, brake, and how hard
    • See your lean angle
    • See the amount of corner grip
The real benefit comes from comparing the results session after session as you tune your vehicle and develop your skills:
    • Are my Lap and Sector times decreasing?
    • Am I going faster in the corners and down the straights?
    • Am I on the throttle sooner and quicker, braking later and harder, and leaning more?

A single box
    • 4”x4”x2”, requiring no connections other than a level attachment
    to your bike, mounted much like a radar detector.
Internal GPS system records:
    • Track Map
    • Lap and Sector Times
    • Speed, position, heading
Internal accelerometers record:
    • Forward acceleration and deceleration: throttle roll-on, braking and straight-line traction
    • Lateral acceleration: corner traction
    • Vertical acceleration: suspension action
Analysis software
    • Displays the data recorded from your session in tables, charts and graphs
    • Upgrade to our RACER DATA SYSTEM package
    • Add video and additional sensors for even more information

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